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forkCHESTRA is a collaboration of Media Design Practices (MDP) graduate students at ArtCenter College of Design. The team consists of members from specialized tracks within the program, with Josh Bookman, Elaine Cheung, and Nan Tsai from the Lab Track, and Erika Barbosa from the FieldTrack.

We came together to think about design’s relationship to food-culture globally and historically. We were particularly interested in design’s influence in generating ways of socializing with food. forkCHESTRA takes inspiration from history by re-imagining the American TV Dinner. The iconic partitioned dinner tray, and the interaction of TV-viewer and Television provided material to create a new experience that fits within in the contemporary setting of networked devices. 

forkCHESTRA was created for the ‘Future of Food’, CumulusExhibition at the World Expo in Milan, 2015.